Our Vincentian Mission

This site was designed by members of the Vincentian Mission Institute as a resource for your discovery of Niagara University's Catholic and Vincentian identity. 

Depending on your job at the University, you may have a great deal of contact with students, or you may have relatively little direct contact with students. Either way, you play a vital role in creating the community where our students live, study, work, pray, and play.   Every single employee at the University is in a position to have a positive impact on students as they engage in the transformative process of higher education.  Understanding the University's Vincentian heritage and mission is essential to this, our shared task.

We invite you to navigate the topics in the menu to the left, which will allow you to explore and expand your understanding of what makes the Niagara University community unique. 

At the end of each module, you will have the opportunity to submit a short personal reflection.